Mental health issues are said to reduce life expectancy by 15-20 years.1

On average, 50% of people with serious mental disorders in the United States and Europe are not receiving the treatment they need and deserve.2

Only 25% of EU citizens with mental disorders have access to care 3
75% of EU citizens suffering from depression or anxiety are not treated at all 4
Depression, directly and indirectly was estimated to have a global cost of $800 billion in 2010 5
Whilst on the waiting list to receive help:
1 in 6 people are likely to attempt suicide. 6
1 in 10 people will wait over one year before receiving treatment.7
4 in 10 people self harm.8
People suffering from a chronic illness are more likely to suffer from depression & anxiety

70 million people in the EU are affected by chronic kidney failure and report sever psychological distress.9

Up to 40% of patients who have suffered a major cardiac event
suffer from major depressive disorder.10

33% of cancer patients
are diagnosed with depression.11

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